2022/01/19 (Wed) 18:30~20:30

Startup Academia Meetup Vol. 2 "Practical Startup Finance: The Battle of Capital Policy Comments

*The event will now be held entirely online.

The “Innovation Design Platform (IdP)” was launched by four universities participating in the Startup Ecosystem Tokyo Consortium (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and the University of Tokyo), together with partner institutions in the consortium and other platforms, to foster and foster a global university-based startup ecosystem in Tokyo and the surrounding region. The “Innovation Design Platform (IdP)” aims to foster and nurture a global university startup ecosystem in Tokyo and other regions.

We are holding a meetup study session to strengthen the network of information sharing among the parties involved in the IdP ecosystem and to create an environment in which university-launched ventures can be born. Of course, we welcome those who are not involved in IdP to participate in order to foster the ecosystem.

For the second meeting, we will invite Mr. Tasuku Yamaoka, a certified public accountant and representative director of Shikumiya Corporation, who is involved in management support and IPO support for startups. Mr. Yamaoka is the author of “Practical Startup Finance: Impressions on Capital Policy,” which was serialized on the blog service “note” and received an unprecedented response in the startup world.

There are many well-known finance books for startups, such as Tetsuya Isozaki’s “Finance for Starting a Business,” but this book is a collection of case studies up to going public, and it is a superb finance book with no analogues! This book is a book of case studies leading up to the listing of a company, and it is a superb finance book!

In this meetup, we will learn about startup finance that you should consider for R&D ventures, hard tech, and deep tech startups in academia while having a “capital policy feedback session” with Mr. Yamaoka.

This is a very valuable opportunity for university-launched venture professionals, academic entrepreneurs, VCs, people in the private sector who are practicing or envisioning collaboration with university-launched ventures, and CVCs, please join us.

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January 19, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:30-20:30

*This event is now completely online.

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Tokyo Institute of Technology Tamachi Campus, 3-3-6 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Campus Innovation Center (CIC) Tokyo, 2F Event Space

Access: 2 minutes walk from Tamachi Station (JR Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line)

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18:30-18:35 Opening

18:35-19:35 Lecture

19:35-19:55 Q&A

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19:55-20:30 Networking *Only for offline participants


Tasuku Yamaoka

Representative Director, Shikumya Corporation ( https://shikumiya.co.jp/ )

Certified Public Accountant


Certified Public Accountant, born 1986.

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Management Systems Engineering.

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Management Systems Engineering and a M.S. in Management Engineering from the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology.

After working for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC and an IT venture company, he became independent.

He has served as a director and auditor of several companies, including as an auditor of F-Code Co.

Currently, he provides IPO support and management consulting services to startup companies.

note: https: //visionarybase.com/

Twitter: https: //twitter.com/8map


-Tasuku Yamaoka, author of “Practical Startup Finance: Impressions on Capital Policy

The definitive guide to finance for startups, with major additions and revisions to the paid articles “Capital Policy Impressions” and “Capital Policy Settlements,” which were serialized by an up-and-coming CPA on the blog service note and received an exceptional response.

The following six companies that went public were featured in the book.

Plaid, Space Market, Gunosy, Sansan, UUUM, and Neural Pocket.

The capital policies, or plans for optimal use of shares and stock acquisition rights, of these six companies were examined through “all capital transactions from establishment to listing,” Plaid 21 times, Space Market 14 times, Gunosy 19 times, Sansan 30 times, UUUM 18 times, and Neural Pocket 19 times, for a total of 121 times, including “impact of capital The report provides detailed explanations of the impact of the transactions and the breakdown of the increase in the number of shares.

A superb finance book that has no analogues as a collection of case studies up to the listing!


Tomohito Oyobe

Vice President and Representative Director, Quantum Corporation

Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Founded a venture builder, Quantum Co. Became 100% subsidiary of Hakuhodo.

In parallel with Quantum, he founded sports ai, a company specializing in sports data and machine learning, where he also serves as CEO.

He has experience in internal entrepreneurship, fundraising, founding a company, and selling a business that developed an AI for predicting soccer matchups.

From 2021, he will be a specially-appointed professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he is in charge of supporting the formation of university startups by integrating major research universities.

He also focuses on fostering entrepreneurs in academia.

In order to facilitate entrepreneurship, he became a board member of the “Startup Studio Association” and was involved in its launch.

He translated and published “Startup Studio (Nikkei BP)” to popularize the studio in Japan, and focuses on supporting entrepreneurs.