What is GTIE?

GTIE stands for the Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem - A platform designed to "nurture University Startups that can change the world." by universities in the Metropolitan area.

The GTIE platform to "nurture University Startups that can change the world." is hosted by the University of Tokyo, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University and other organizations. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plays the role of managing local government in cooperation with a joint organization composed of 14 universities and supporting agencies for University Startups, and cooperative organizations composed of universities, and other local governments.

GTIE aims to nurture and create University Startups capable of competing on the global market. In cooperation with universities, local governments, private companies, venture capital, accelerators and others that participate in the "Startup Ecosystem Tokyo Consortium," we continue to establish a vibrant startup ecosystem in Tokyo."


  • (1) Online entrepreneurial education content.

    GTIE designs and operates GAP Fund to bridge the gap between excellent university-originated research and social implementation, and nurture academia entrepreneurships. To promote University Startups, GTIE also operates its search fund. We support formation of management human resources and teams for business establishment as well as matching among venture capitals, corporate venture capitals, and private companies.

  • (2) Nurture entrepreneurial talent that can compete in the global market.

    As the entrepreneur cultivation program, GTIE provides practical entrepreneurship education aiming to cultivate academia entrepreneurs capable of competing on the global stage. By broadly offering the program to organizations participating in the platform, we promote the cultivation of entrepreneurs.

  • (3) Development of the environment for startups
    (4) Formation and expansion of ecosystems in hub cities

    To establish the ecosystems for startups, GTIE helps to form communities for academia entrepreneurships through a wide range of events. Through the collaboration of overseas venture capital and accelerators, we promote mutual entry to communities, and the sharing and enhancement of networks.

What is GTIE Startup School ( β )?

GTIE Startup School (β) is a community content provided by GTIE main organizations.
We offer an online school-style entrepreneurship program for students and faculty members of universities participating in GTIE.
If you register for an account, you can watch free lecture videos by professional instructors such as VCs and entrepreneurial mentors on themes related to entrepreneurship.
If you are aiming to start a business or plan to apply for GTIE's GAP fund, please register.

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