Entrepreneurial Support Program

About GTIE Search Fund

GTIE has established the GTIE Search Fund (GSF) based on its vision of "fostering university-launched startups that change the world. The GTIE Search Fund consists of the following five functions in order to nurture global startups that will play an active role in the world and solve social issues.

  • Matching Support for Management teams and Researchers (Team Formation)
  • Providing GAP funds
  • Mentoring and customer development
  • Assistance with seed stage financing
  • Matching Support for Large Corporations
  • Supporting the formation of teams between independently searched management personnel and researchers.
  • We will offer the GAP Fund, a grant from JST, and the GAP Fund, which accepts funding from the private sector.
  • Mentoring and customer development models will be provided to teams selected for the GAP Fund by entrepreneurship experts selected from the GTIE network.
  • Provide ongoing support for university startups after their launch by helping them raise seed-stage funding from university VCs in the GTIE network.
  • We actively introduce university-launched startups to large domestic and foreign companies and support the formation of partnerships, acquisitions, and other deals.
GAP FUND scheme

GTIE2022 GAP Fund Adopted Teams

The following is a list of the GAP Fund recipients and judges for 2022.17 teams were selected for GTIE 2022. We will aim to create global startups that are active in the world and startups that solve social issues.