IdP Researcher Matching Event COMMIT2021

In the JST SCORE project, the Innovation Design Platform (IdP: a cooperative organization body of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, the University of Tokyo, and Tokyo Medical and Dental University) promotes inter-university cooperation in the consideration of entrepreneurship. When aiming to start a business, the scope of researchers’ ideas is often limited to the scope of the originator’s expertise. To achieve a high level of business potential, collaboration across universities, faculties, and departments may be necessary. Based on the awareness of the need for a mechanism to facilitate this collaboration, the IdP will hold a researcher-to-researcher matching event (named COMMIT) in the following manner.

All staff/students of IdP participating institutions are welcome to attend!

– Main purpose:.

To enable staff and students of IdP institutions who wish to start their own businesses to try out/examine their ideas (regardless of the field).

To seek partners* to work together on issues and items that are difficult for the originator to solve alone, and to seek the formation of a cooperative team.

*COMMIT 2021 seeks partners who are employees or students of IdP institutions.

– Participants:.

Participants: Employees of IdP member institutions (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Staff or students with motivation 1) to 3)

1) Propose a start-up idea and seek a partner

2) Those who are looking for ideas and would like to run for partners in some cases

3) Those who would like to see what kind of ideas IdP participants are proposing.

– Event (Schedule):.

– Entry and idea video submission (11/1-12/10)

– Video viewing and preliminary review (11/1-12/20)

1stevent “COMMIT Presentation” (12/20)

2ndevent “COMMIT Matching” (1/24)

– Presentation of the team’s direction at Demo Day (3/14)

(1) Entry

– Please enter your organization’s e-mail address from “Entry” at the bottom of this page.

– After your entry is approved by the secretariat, please access the “COMMIT Matching Space” and enter your profile information.

2)Submission of Idea/Partner Image Video

– Shoot a video (10 minutes or less / 300MB or less) : Please include the following information. Please include the following information

(1) Proposer’s information

(2) Contents of the idea

(3) What kind of business you envision/aim at

(4) What the proposer will do and what you want the partner to do

(5) What kind of partner you are looking for (partner image)

*You may use any medium to capture the images. For reference, here is how to record using ZOOM meetings.

Manual:“How to Record and Obtain Recordings with ZOOM”

– Video Submission

Upload the recorded video (mp4) to “COMMIT Matching Space

3) View idea videos/proposer profiles

– Submitted videos will be posted on “COMMIT Matching Space

– If you are an entrant, please log in to COMMIT Matching Space and view your idea video/proposer profile from each participant’s page to consider your candidacy as a partner.

1)Presentation event for start-up ideas and partner profiles

1st Event COMMIT Presentation

December 20, 2021 16:00 – 18:30

<Contents (tentative)> <Content

– Opening

– Session 1: Informative Seminar

What to do when considering starting a business

Funds to support startups: What you need to do to get them?

– Session 2: Presentation of ideas and partners, Q&A

-Room1: Medical digital (apps/AI) (tentative)

-Room2: Medical service (tentative)

Room3: Materials (tentative)


(2) Matching event between idea initiators and potential partners

2nd Event COMMIT Matching

January 24, 2022 9:00 – 18:30 (tentative)

<Content (tentative)

– Matching meeting between idea initiators and potential partners

(Facilitated by IdP staff if necessary)

Presentation of the team’s direction at the “DemoDay” on Monday, March 14, 2022

Please note the following

-The idea introduction video and entry/profile information should not contain any important unpublished information (especially those required for obtaining a patent or publishing a paper). Only non-confidential information should be included.

-Communications using the COMMIT Matching Space functionality will not handle unpublished material information (especially that required to obtain a patent or publish a paper). Only non-confidential information is handled.

-Information obtained through COMMIT is to be used only for the purpose of matching matching staff or students at the IdP institution and is not to be used for any purpose other than the main purpose of COMMIT.

Proposals must be the original work of the proposer or co-proposer, and must not be used as a substitute for the ideas of others.

-Proposals must not be submitted to foundations, grants, funds, organizations, companies, or other entities with which there is a conflict between the proposal and the content of the proposal.

-The proposal must not be submitted to any fund, grant, fund, organization, or company with which there is a conflict between the proposal and the content of the proposal.


Please read through all of the above instructions and then submit your application through the entry below