Triple Bridge Acceleration Program" Innovation Contest

Triple Bridge Acceleration Program Innovation Contest” will be held as follows.

The contest is held in cooperation with the Innovation Design Platform (IdP). Please watch the video.

The Triple Bridge Acceleration Program (“TBAP”) aims to support the commercialization of research results by researchers in the medical and life science fields.

As part of the program, an innovation contest will be held as follows.

Outline: 1.

TBAP is an acceleration program in the medical and life science field operated by AIFAM Asset Management Co.

TBAP provides support from pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and venture investment related companies, and has experienced commercialization staff and experts with know-how and networks in commercialization. TBAP will provide support for the winners through the competition, including mentoring for commercialization and start-up financing.

2. Date and Time

August 6, 2021 (Friday) from 9:00 a.m. (about 2 hours) Web Meeting (Zoom) will be held. There is no charge for viewing. 3.


(In no particular order. The order of presentations will be posted on the web by one week prior to the meeting. Presentations will be 13 minutes each, including Q&A. Presentations and Q&A will be given in English.)

Hidenori Matsui, Tadashi Omura Memorial Research Institute, TUAT, “Testing for Helicobacter suis infection, which causes malignant tumors and Parkinson’s disease, and developing an effective bactericidal agent.

Development of novel therapeutic techniques for triple-negative breast cancer

Yosuke Uchisawa, Faculty of Science, TUAT Kitasato, “Imaging of cancer cells by 9AA fluorescence”, Kitasato University, Faculty of Science.

University of California, Irvine / AquaAir Incorporated “New gas inhalation therapy for the treatment of myocardial infarction using a pipeless dialysis machine for home use” (in Japanese).

University of California Irvine / AquaTex, Inc. “Liquid Embolic Materials for Intravascular Brain Therapy” by Dr. Keiro Yuki

University of Central Florida / Progenicyte Japan “Neural Stem Cell Resonance Using Low-molecular Weight Compounds

Kazuo Miyazaki, MiCAN Technologies, “Provision of research cells using regenerative medicine technology” August 6, 2021

How to apply for viewing: 1.

Please send an e-mail to the secretariat’s e-mail address, indicating that you wish to view the presentation (please include your affiliation, name, and e-mail address).

Invitation for Zoom Meeting will be sent to you shortly. (*In principle, this meeting is for academics only.) You can register until the last minute.

August 6, 2021 (Friday) 9:00 a.m. start

For inquiries regarding this contest, please contact

Website: https: //triplebridge.net/contest202108/

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