Learning from Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, and Pittsburgh - "Secrets of Successful Industrial Clusters," QWS Academia

Why are so many highly successful startups emerging from Silicon Valley?” and “How can we establish industrial clusters to meet the needs of the new era when existing industries are declining? Do you have such interests and questions? In this seminar, Jon Metzler, Professor of Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley MBA School, will present a series of case studies of industrial clusters in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, Pittsburgh, Oregon, and other regions, and explain how to start and build a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem where companies of all sizes are active. Where do we start, what do we invest in, and what are the unique circumstances of this post-Corona era?” and the secrets of successful launch of industrial clusters to create startups.

[Date & Time ] Thursday, August 4, 10:30-12:00 *Doors open at 10:00

[Venue ] SHIBUYA QWS Cross Park, 15F, Shibuya Scramble Square

[Language ] This lecture will be given in Japanese (projection materials in English)

[Target ] High school students, university students, graduate students, working adults, QWS members

[Capacity ] 40 people

[Sponsor ] SHIBUYA QWS innovation Council

[Co-organized by ] GTIE / Japan Society of Northern California (JSNC) / Global Scientific Knowledge Integration Institute, Waseda University

[Sponsor ] Maximize Inc. and Beyond 2020 Next Project

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