Presentation & MEETUP event to smoothly connect players from different fields

Let’s change the world through co-creation in different fields!

At GTIE, we find partners to work together on issues that cannot be solved by the originator of an idea alone.

and nurture the seeds of commercialization by fusing different fields across institutional boundaries.


The “COMMIT2022” will be held!

We will hold an on-site event of presentation & MEETUP as a platform where people from a wide range of fields including researchers, VCs, business companies, and CXO candidates can smoothly connect and build smooth relationships. Find future partners to realize your ideas together. (GTIE is mutually cooperating with JST’s “Co-Creation Opportunity Formation Support Program (COI-NEXT)”)

  • * Date and Time: March 13, 2023 (Monday), 15:00-18:45 (Exchange party (with food and drink) is scheduled from 18:00)
  • * Location : Global Business Hub Tokyo ( directly connected to Otemachi Station)
  • * Eligibility : Staff or students affiliated with GTIE

Three themes: “Prevention/Healthcare,” “Medicine (diagnosis/treatment),” and “Care/welfare.

Faculty, staff and students of 13 universities participating in GTIE
The University of Tokyo
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Waseda University
University of Tsukuba
Chiba University
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Ochanomizu University
Kanagawa University of Health and Welfare
Yokohama National University
Yokohama City University
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Keio University
Tokyo Metropolitan University

  • ✓I have an idea that I would like to realize in collaboration with a partner in a different field
  • ✓I am interested in ideas from different fields
  • ✓I want to make contacts with people in different fields that are difficult to connect with in everyday activities
  • ✓Want to make contacts with VC, venture, and management candidates

SESSION 1: Panel Discussion“Key Points for Connecting Research Themes to Business

<Introduction of Speakers

Tomihisa Kamada, Representative of TomyK and Co-founder of ACCESS, Inc.

D. in Information Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo. D. in Information Science from the Graduate School of Science at the University of Tokyo. While still a student, he founded ACCESS, a software venture company. In 2001, he was listed on TSE Mothers (currently TSE Prime) and has been expanding globally. 2012, he founded TomyK and has been involved in many deep tech startups in robotics, AI, human augmentation, space, genomics, and medicine. He has supported many deep tech startups in robotics, AI, human augmentation, space, genomics, and medicine. He is a specially-appointed professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. Currently, he is also a representative director of LPIXEL, a medical AI company.

Satoshi Imagawa, Manager, Home Healthcare Business Creation Department, Home Healthcare Planning and Technology Division, Teijin Pharma Limited

He has been engaged in product development and manufacturing process development related to protective clothing and industrial materials, as well as medical device development at Teijin.
He has been engaged in product development, manufacturing process development, and medical device development related to protective clothing and industrial materials at Teijin Limited. He has also been involved in the planning and joint development of several new healthcare businesses with external partners, including university ventures, as well as the planning, operation, and promotion of health information websites and the management of a company responsible for this work.

Kengo Suzuki, Executive Officer and CTO, Euglena Co.

He was involved in the establishment of Euglena Co., Ltd. while a student at the University of Tokyo in 2005, and as one of the co-founders, was responsible for research and development up to the present. he received his PhD (Agriculture) from the University of Tokyo in 2016 and his PhD (Medicine) from Kitasato University in 2019. Currently, he is a research director of the microalgae production control technology research team at RIKEN, a visiting professor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and a specially-appointed (visiting) professor at Tohoku University

<Moderator Introduction

Tadaaki Kimura, CEO and Representative Director, Ad-Rite Inc.

After graduating from graduate school, Tadaaki Kimura joined a major audit firm, where he was involved in IPO support services. 2008, he founded AdRight Inc. He also provided hands-on support to domestic startups by becoming an outside director, and five of them (Euglena, Jigen, Cloudworks, SLD, and MoneyForward) went public. He is also active in supporting overseas startups in Asia and the U.S., and has invested in and nurtured more than 30 companies to date, nine of which have been acquired. Utilizing his knowledge and network of domestic and overseas startups, he specializes in providing full-scale commercialization support to major companies in the open innovation field. He has extensive experience in supporting industry-academia collaboration projects with major national and private universities. B.A. in Economics, The University of Tokyo; M.A. in Economics, The University of Tokyo

1) Idea presenters: Researchers and students with ideas for collaboration in different fields

  • 1) TODO before the event
    • ✓ Give us the title of your idea and a summary of your idea
    • ✓ Please prepare a poster for your presentation (forms will be provided)
  • 2) TODO on the day of the event
    • ✓ 3-minute presentation
    • ✓ Communication with visitors using your presentation poster

2) Visitors: No ideas, but want to see ideas for collaboration in different fields and consider potential partners

  • (1) TODO on the day of the event: Visitors come to the seminar and to listen to ideas from different fields and to expand their network

Encouragement will be given on the day of the event based on certain evaluations by visitors. The proposer selected as the best idea will be granted one year’s access to TMDU Innovation Park (TIP) (*on the premises of Tokyo Medical and Dental University), a university-launched incubation facility jointly operated by Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Mitsubishi Estate

  • * COMMIT does not handle unpublished material information, especially that required to obtain a patent or publish a paper. Only non-confidential information will be handled.
  • * Information obtained through COMMIT will be used only for partnering considerations for staff or students affiliated with GTIE institutions and will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of COMMIT.
  • * Proposals must be the original work of the proposer or co-proposer, and not appropriated from the ideas of others.
  • * The proposal must not be submitted to any fund, grant, fund, organization, company, or other entity that would cause conflicts with the content of the proposal.
  • * The proposal must not be submitted to any fund, grant, fund, organization, or company with which there is a conflict between the proposal and the content of the proposal.

[ Contact ]

GTIE COMMIT Office E-mail : commit2022@addlight.co.jp 03-6823-1270 ( weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00)

This project is planned and managed on behalf of AdRight Inc.