2023/4/7(Fri) 18:00~19:30

Entrepreneurship Seminar for GTIE Researchers and Graduate Students

As the career paths of researchers, including university faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students, are diversifying to include entrepreneurship, we will hold an entrepreneurship seminar for researchers and graduate students with the aim of providing an opportunity for them to imagine how they can face global social issues as indicated in the SDGs, and how they can “see themselves” as parties to solving social issues. Entrepreneurship Seminar will be held for researchers and graduate students to help them imagine how they can face such global social issues and how they can be a part of solving them. At the same time, we will explain the University of Tokyo’s GTIE educational program. Faculty members and graduate students who are researchers interested in entrepreneurship are invited to attend.
[ Seminar Contents ]
18:00-18:05 Introduction Mikito Hirata, GTIE, The University of Tokyo
18:05-18:25 Takuya Miyazaki, Ph.D., Founding CEO, Red Arrow Therapeutics, Inc.
18:25-18:45 Maiko Katada, Ph.D., Partner, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC)
18:45-19:10 Discussion with Speakers Shigeo Kagami, GTIE, The University of Tokyo
19:10-19:30 Introduction of the University of Tokyo GTIE Education Program Mamoru Miyawaki, GTIE, The University of Tokyo
[Date ] Friday, April 7, 2023 18:00-19:30
[Method ] Online
[Target ] Universities (graduate students and above, faculty members), National Institutes (researchers)
[Admission ] Free of charge
[How to apply ]
Registration is required: Please register at the following website.
[Application deadline ] April 6, 2023 (Thursday)
[Organizer and Inquiries ]GTIE Secretariat, Industry-Academia Collaboration Division, The University of Tokyo E-mail: UTGTIE@ducr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
[Application Flyer ] R5 Entrepreneurship Seminar for Researchers and Graduate Students of GTIE