INDEST Study Session "Understanding the "Mass Media Era for Everyone"" will be held! (Thursday, July 27, 17:00 start!

INDEST is an incubation office operated by Tokyo Institute of Technology on the Tamachi campus. Under the concept of “fostering university-launched startups that change the world,” various events are currently being held. This time, as the seventh study session for entrepreneurs and those who aim to start their own businesses, we have invited Professor Hiroichi Yanase of the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Liberal Arts Research and Education Academy as a lecturer. The theme of his lecture will be “Understanding the ‘mass media era’ for everyone.

GTIE-related universities are also welcome to attend.
There will also be time for networking, so please feel free to attend.

Event Outline
-Date: Thursday, July 27, 2023, 17:00 start
Location: INDEST 2F Coworking Space (on-site participation only)
-Theme: “Understanding the ‘mass media age’ for everyone
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