2023/9/7(Thu) 15:00~

Thursday, September 7, 15:00 - 1st Seminar for GTIE Researchers "Academic Entrepreneurs Café" Call for Participants!

GTIE will start a series of programs in which researchers can casually participate in order to make startups more accessible to them as a means of implementing their research results in society.

For faculty members, young researchers, and students who are aware of the social implementation of their research, but have difficulty imagining themselves taking on the challenge of a start-up
Why don’t you meet directly with researchers who are actually challenging startups and their supporters, and hear various stories from the perspective of those who are involved in the research?
Researchers who are already challenging startups are also welcome to attend. Meet new Academic Entrepreneurs through interaction with speakers and audience participants!

In the first session, Mr. Nishimura and Ms. Nakura, who have been close to researchers and strongly support them in their challenges, will introduce the trend of startup establishment in Japan and around the world as a means of social implementation of research results, and give passionate messages to researchers.
Mr. Iyogi, a researcher who is currently working on a start-up, will talk about the background of his decision to take on this challenge.
There will be a lot of exclusive discussions that you can only have in person!
Please come and visit us in Tamachi.

Event Details:
[Date & Time ] September 7 (Thursday), 15:00-17:00 (Doors open at 14:30)
[Venue ]INDEST 4F Lounge (Tokyo Tech Tamachi Campus) 1 minute walk from Tamachi Station
h ttps:// www.idp.ori.titech.ac.jp/indest/top/
[Target ] Students, young researchers, faculty members, and other professionals who are interested in startups.
[ Registration ] https://forms.gle/HB2XYz8YUsvaAwsb9
[ Guest ]
Yuya Nishimura, President, Essence Corporation, Invited Professor, Social Solutions Initiative, Osaka University
Masaru Nagura, Director, CIC Institute, Specially Appointed Professor, Innovation Design Organization, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ph.
Kenta Iyogi , Lecturer, Department of Chemical Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo; Director, CSO, Planet Savers K.K.; Ph.

*Moderator Nao Hosokawa, Project Associate Professor, Innovation Design Organization, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ph.

[ Agenda ] Part 1.
Part 1: Talks and Panel Discussion by Guests 15:00-16:00
Part 2: Opinion exchange with participants at the venue 16:00-17:00
[ Leaflet ] The 1st Academic Entrepreneurs Cafe