2023/9/8(Fri) ~ 2023/12/11(Mon)

Energy Incarceration EMIRA VISICON 2024

[Location ] Komatsu Centennial Hall, B1F, Research Innovation Center (Bldg. 121), Waseda University
[Dates ] Application period: September 8 (Friday) to December 11 (Monday), 2023
Final Judging Date: February 10, 2024 (Saturday)
[Contents ]
Waseda University Power and Energy Professional Development Program (PEP) is co-hosting a business contest with the EMIRA Editorial Board (KADOKAWA Corporation, Tokyo Electric Power Holdings, Inc. and Yomiko Advertising Inc.
The theme of this year’s contest, the fifth in the series, is “Mobility x Energy. Human progress has been accompanied by the development of mobility (=means of movement and transportation).
As restrictions on movement and transportation have decreased and human interaction has increased, new things have been born….
And today, vehicles and transportation are taking on a new form as “smart mobility” coupled with a variety of technologies.
However, no matter how much they develop, what is essential for mobility is the “people” who use them and the “energy” that drives them.
What kind of future of mobility can be seen from the viewpoints of “people” and “energy”?
We invite you to imagine your business with the same freedom of thought that drives mobility!
h ttps:// emira-t.jp/bizcon2024/