Entrepreneurial Support Program(Explore Course)

Takatoki Yamamoto
Principal Investigator
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Takatoki Yamamoto

Adopted Theme

Commercialization microorganism AI sensor by AI-driven AC nanopore method

Subject of Research
Commercialization microorganism AI sensor by AI-driven AC nanopore method

We aim to establish a business by selling microbial AI sensors and related services that simultaneously identify a wide variety of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) in real-time and on-site. This sensor is based on the principle of using AI to identify microorganism-derived waveforms measured by the AC nanopore method that we have invented. Our goal is to commercialize this sensor with its unparalleled speed, comprehensiveness, and portability compared to the conventional inspection methods for microorganisms.

Business Models(when applying)

We will start by selling handheld microorganism AI sensor and provide the measurement chips, to the potential customers who are also the technology verification partners. In addition, we also develop cloud services such as dashboard services that provide highly accurate AI identification and advanced utilizations of microorganism data. Thereafter, we aim to scale up the business by expanding into the peripheral markets and going public.

Activity Planning(when applying)

We will work on product development, focusing on prototyping and field demonstration, while trying to solve the technical issues in the essential technologies of the microorganism AI sensor, such as sensor chip, handheld instrumentation, and AI algorithm. At the same time, the project aims to create a hybrid start-up system that enables parallel promotion of research and preparation for business start-up in cooperation with a commercialization promotion organization. While aiming to establish a start-up in FY2026, the final year of the project, we will establish the start-up as early as possible.