Entrepreneurial Support Program(Explore Course)

Yuriko Osakabe
Principal Investigator
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yuriko Osakabe

Adopted Theme

Medical application and commercialization of a novel genome editing technology “Bulls-Eye Gene Editing”

Subject of Research
Medical application and commercialization of a novel genome editing technology “Bulls-Eye Gene Editing”

We will establish a start-up to commercialize our new genome editing platform based on a novel, highly specific genome editing technology that we have developed independently; the development of gene modification tools and the platform for the treatment of genetic diseases. We will conduct model experiments for gene therapy using highly safe genome editing and proceed with the construction of basic technologies for drug development. Also, We will continue to improve our own genome editing technology to make it a practical tool with high versatility and efficiency and simultaneously develop peripheral technologies and evaluation methods for the use of various genome editing tools. As a startup, we will formulate an overseas market strategy and secure the necessary human resources to start the business.

Business Models(when applying)

The company aims to increase the value of its own pipeline by introducing patents from academia, conducting validation and clinical trials using disease model mice and large animals, and licensing out to pharmaceutical companies or M&A by pharmaceutical companies. In addition, if the company licenses out intellectual property, it will also consider developing joint pipelines with other pharmaceutical companies in the future as a platform company.

Activity Planning(when applying)

We will validate and prototype the gene therapy platform using mouse disease models to obtain data in animals that will trigger fundraising. We will also identify the optimal directions for future partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies and build a collaborative framework with key advisors for R&D, non-clinical/clinical development, business development, and fundraising.