GAP Fund applications are now closed.

Applications for the IdP 2021 GAP Fund closed on July 12. Thank you for all the applications.

What is the GAP Fund?

The GAP Fund for SCORE University Promotion Type (Base City Environmental Improvement Type) is a program that works with initiatives in “Startup Ecosystem Base Cities,” which were selected by the Cabinet Office in July 2020. The Innovation Design Platform (IdP) was established by four universities participating in the Startup Ecosystem Tokyo Consortium (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and the University of Tokyo). Together with various external partner institutions and other platforms in the consortium, we aim to foster and nurture a global startup ecosystem in the Tokyo and other regions.

In this Call for Proposals, we are calling for research and development proposals to create university-launched ventures that aim for the global market based on innovative technology seeds from universities participating in the platform, as well as university-launched ventures with high social impact that will also contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. The selected research projects will receive R&D funds (GAP Fund) and will be supported by the Business Seeds Exploratory Committee (SDC) established by the platform, with the aim of starting a business or obtaining R&D funds for the next stage of research and development.

In terms of platform collaboration within the Tokyo Consortium, this program will be implemented in collaboration with the Yokohama Platform (Yokohama P), which was also established within the Tokyo Consortium, so universities from joint institutions participating in the Yokohama Platform are also eligible to apply.