Venture Café Tokyo's event "The Future of Deepening the Startup Ecosystem" to be held

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The Future of Deepening the Startup Ecosystem – Diversity, Inclusion, Universities, and Entrepreneurship [HYBRID].

Local venue: CIC Tokyo (Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Summary: Dr. Taruho Kuroda

The essence of a startup is to “create a tomorrow that is different from today”. And to “change the world today and make it a more wonderful place. Although the number of entrepreneurs with a passion for their businesses seems to be gradually increasing around us, Japan is still in its infancy in terms of creating an “ecosystem” that supports entrepreneurs well.

What is the ideal startup ecosystem?

What is an ecosystem that not only imitates the U.S. but also fits Japan? Why don’t you join us and think about the ideal startup ecosystem? This year’s event will focus especially on the role of universities as a source of innovation and the inclusion of minorities, including women, with excellent speakers who are well suited to this theme. We hope you will all join us!


  • Ms. Ayuko Nakamura, President/Founder eiicon company
  • Ayumi Fujimoto, Executive Officer and CMO, Plug and Play Japan K.K.
  • MICHIKO ASHIZAWA, Associate Professor, Faculty of International Commerce, Yokohama City University; Program Co-Chair, Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem (GTIE)
  • Kiyoko Masio, Specially Appointed Professor, Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem (GTIE), Research and Industry Alliances Division, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Taruho Kuroda, Senior Director, R&D Asia-Pacific Hub, LeoPharma K.K., Moderator / Venture Cafe Tokyo Cluster Champion (Life Science)