Innovation Design Platform (IdP) Opening Event Startup Academia!

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The “Innovation Design Platform (IdP)” was launched by four universities participating in the Startup Ecosystem Tokyo Consortium (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and the University of Tokyo), and together with various external partners in the consortium and other platforms, aims to foster the development of a global startup ecosystem in Tokyo and the region. The opening event will commemorate the kick-off of the Innovation Design Platform (IdP), which aims to foster and nurture a global startup ecosystem in Tokyo and other regions.

The event will feature keynote speeches by prominent speakers on the creation of university-launched ventures, introductions of companies that have been selected for the GAP FUND, which provides funding for prototype development and testing to entrepreneurial candidates who aim to commercialize their products on the platform, and other various contents. In addition, we will create an event where people from different fields, such as researchers who are conducting original research at universities and those who aspire to start their own businesses, can gather and interact online, thereby creating new encounters among people from various fields and contributing to the creation of university-launched ventures.

-Date and Time

September 27, 2021 (Monday) 17:00-20:30

*Date and time may be subject to change in light of the new corona infection situation. In case of change, we will notify you.

-How to watch

Online streaming (URL will be provided after ticket registration)

-Speakers *Honorifics omitted


Hiroshi Suzuki

Professor, University of Tokyo, Keio University

Teach for All Global Board Member, Former Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Former Assistant to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Director, Japan Football Association, etc.

Haruhiko Morita

Modaris Corporation

Founder, CEO and Representative Director

Kazuhide Sekiyama

Spiber Corporation

Director and Representative Executive Officer

Takuji Yamada

Metagen Inc.

Executive Vice President CTO

-List of GAP Fund Adopters

List of adopters

-Detailed information on each recipient

Noritaka Miki (Keio University)

Research and Development of Azinzo, an Implantable Artificial Kidney that Dramatically Improves the Quality of Life of Dialysis Patients

Hirotsugu Asahara (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Improvement of Size and Strength of Bio-Ligament in Practical Use

Shoji Yamaoka (Tokyo Medical and Dental University )
Demonstration of an innovative lentiviral vector multiplication method applicable to floating cell culture systems

Motonori Hayano (Keio University)

Development of Therapeutic Drugs for Sarcopenia and Business Planning as Aging Drug Discovery

Nobuhiko Kojima (Yokohama City University)

Development of in vitro spheroid organs that can replace animal experiments

Kosaku Yano (Keio University)

Simultaneous MRI Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphatic Diseases

Yuriko Gyobu (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Development of Basic Technology for Social Implementation of Novel Domestically Produced Genome-Edited TiD

Yuji Otsuki (Keio University)

Development of Novel Anticancer Agents Using Oxidative Stress

Atsushi Suzuki (Yokohama National University)

Development of a Bio-Texture Model Using Hydrogel for Technique Training

Taishi Oka (Yokohama National University)

Development of an Occupational Safety Support System for Workers Engaged in High-Load Activities Based on the Understanding of Cardiopulmonary Load Status Using Heart Rate Variability Frequency Analysis

Noritaka Adachi (Yokohama City University)

DNA Repair for the Future of Medical Treatment – Integrated Research and Development for Early Commercialization

Hiroko Omori (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Commercialization Verification of a Measurement System for Bite Pressure and Masseter Muscle Activity to Elucidate the Pathophysiology of Teeth Grinding

Kenji Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Short-term Development of Medical Image Diagnosis Support System Using Small Data AI

Yasushiro Kishimoto (Keio University)

Business Validation Using Dementia Detection Technology in Acoustic Analysis

Shoko Matsushita (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Just put it on the heat source and bury it! Sensitized Thermal Power Generation” that Generates Electricity Directly from Thermal Energy

Shoji Maruo (Yokohama National University)

Development of a Multi-purpose Micro 3D Modeling System for 3D Printing of Various Materials

Ryo Nakayama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Cloud Service for Bayesian Optimization Developed from a Materials Scientist’s Perspective

Shogen Matsumoto (Yokohama National University)

Thick film scintillator synthesis using VGC method for rapid production cycle of high resolution X-ray imaging system and its practical application verification

Yuki Imamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Development of “Agricultural Sight”, a product service for immediate DX in agriculture

Mayu Muramatsu (Keio University)

Development of AI-based Nondestructive Inspection Method for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Parts Considering Structure and Mechanics

Tomoyoshi Hayakawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Visualization of train congestion to realize a society where passengers can ride cheaply, reduce congestion, and travel with peace of mind

Tsuneo Yamashiro (Yokohama City University)

An Empirical Study on the Development and Commercialization of Next-Generation Remote Diagnostic Imaging System with Screen Sharing and Interactive Consultation Functions

-Presentation by selected teams in order of presentation