GTIE 2022 GAP Fund Recipients Selected

The GTIE GAP Fund Program held its first call for proposals in May, and 17 proposals were selected. The research teams selected for the GAP Fund will work on research and development until the end of March 2023, the implementation period of the program, with the aim of starting a business based on the seeds of their technology or applying for other support programs such as the JST’s “START Program for University-Based New Industry Creation (START)”.
Details of the research projects will be posted on the GTIE website by early October.

  1. List of GTIE GAP Fund Adopters

Fiscal Year 2022

Global Courses (Number of adopted projects: 5)

Name Institution Title Title of Proposal
Masashi Ikeuchi Tokyo Medical and Dental University Professor Development of automation system for assisted reproductive technology
Kumiko Ui-Tei The University of Tokyo Associate Professor A startup for practical application of SNPD-siRNA in disease-causing genes
Chiharu Tokoro Waseda University Professor Creation of a New Circulation Value Chain for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using a Novel Electric Pulse Method
Motoshi Hayano Keio University Assiatant Professor Drug discovery platform associated with aging and sarcopenia
Sachiko Matsushita Tokyo Institute of Technology Associate Professor Semiconductor-Sensitized Thermal Cell (STC)

Unicorn Course (Number of the selected projects: 2)

Name Institution Title Title of Proposal
Kenji Suzuki Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Development of Comprehensive AI-Aided Diagnostic System for Multiple Diseases by Means of Our “Small Data” Artificial Intelligence – Toward Getting into the U.S. Market –
Teisei Ota The University of Tokyo Associate Professor Commercialization of pooled and comprehensive cell phenotyping technology

Standard Course (Number of the selected projects: 10)

Name Institution Title Title of Proposal
Shuntaro Uenuma The University of Tokyo Research Associate Commercialization of nanosheets consisting of cyclic oligosaccharides
Kei Endo The University of Tokyo Assistant Professor Tiny protein therapeutics
Tsutomu Ohmatsu Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Associate Professor Commercialization of biopharmaceutical production platform using acid-resistant microalgae
Yuriko Osakabe Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Development a novel genome editing technology using “TiD”
Taishiro Kishimoto Keio University Project Professor Dementia Detection Technology Based on Acoustic Analysis: Business Testing
Taichi Kin The University of Tokyo Project Associate  Professor Development of mixed-reality surgical support software that integrates pre- and intra-operative information
Wei-Lun Hsu The University of Tokyo Lecturer Development of Molecule Sequencers Using Solid-State Nanopores
Toshiaki Tanaka Tokyo Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Startup Project for “Applied Biomatrix”
Tomoyoshi Hayakawa Tokyo Institute of Technology Second-year doctoral student Visualize train congestion and realize a society in which passengers can ride cheaply and travel with peace of  mind by reducing congestion. (STEP2)
Kenta Hirayama Keio University Second-year doctoral student Verification of AI-based Nondestructive Inspection Method for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Parts by Measuring Data

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Contact : GTIE Secretariat (Tokyo Institute of Technology)