Call for Ideas: Deadline: October 14, 2022] Saitama Honjo City x WEYI Regional Innovation Idea Generation Program (Online)

Under the theme of “Regional Innovation in After Corona,” this program will collaborate with Honjo City and Waseda University Honjo Senior High School, and students affiliated with GTIE will join forces to create business ideas that will lead to regional revitalization. In the workshop, students will work with the university, city hall, and other local stakeholders to research the natural environment, tourism resources, traditions, and businesses in Honjo City, and come up with business ideas for leading demonstration projects that utilize the strengths of the area.

[ Event Summary ]

Sponsor : Waseda University Entrepreneurship Center, W-EDGE Youth Innovator (WEYI) Development Program

Co-organizer : GTIE (Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem)

Cooperation : Honjo City, Waseda University Honjo Senior High School

Supported By: Mitsubishi Mirai Nurturing Foundation

Schedule : Saturday, December 3 – Monday, December 5, 2022

For details and application, please visit :