Effectuation Conference 2023

We have prepared a program on “effectuation,” known as the behavioral logic of successful entrepreneurs, for researchers, business people, and students (both high school and junior high school students) to enjoy. We hope that you will join us in thinking about the power of the concept of effectuation, especially in the context of Japanese society.
General MC: Keijiro Yamagata (Director, Japan Effectuation Association; Co-Chairman, Scale-Out Inc.)
9:00 Online Lecture “Effectuation for Japanese Society
Dr. Salas Sarasvathy (Professor, University of Virginia)
9:30 Keynote Speech “Effectuation Logic: Implications for Japanese Entrepreneurs and Business Companies
Nobuhiko Hihara (President, Japan Effectuation Association; Associate Professor, Waseda University)
10:00 Coffee break and networking
Please enjoy networking with other participants including the speakers.
10:20 Panel Discussion “Effectuation for me
Qi Kuriki (Director, Japan Effectuation Association, Professor, Kobe University)
Yuriko Sawaya (Professor, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business)
Emi Makino (Associate Professor, Hiroshima University)
MURIKO SHIMAOKA, Professor, Waseda University
Nobuhiko Hihara: Moderator
11:20 Greetings from Guest of Honor: TBA
11:35 Guest of Honor: TsuneoTsukagoshi, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
11:50 Lunch break and networking
13:00 Workshops
Two workshops, one for companies and one for students, will be held concurrently.
Please attend whichever you prefer. (Advance registration required)
Workshop ①.
Workshop for Corporate Effectiveness Instructors
Moderator: Masanobu Kawai (NEC Corporation)
Workshop 2
Workshop for Students Introduction to Effectuation
Moderator: Miraiko Shimaoka, Katsuhiro Suzuki (J. F. Oberlin University), Mayato Hattori (Waseda University), Haruna Obata (J. F. Oberlin University)
*Graduate students, undergraduate students, high school students and other students/students are invited to attend this session.
15:20 Research and Corporate Practice Presentations “Frontiers of Research, Education and Corporate Practice
Moderator: Qi Kuriki, Susumu Takase (Kobe University, Director of Japan Effectuation Association)
Researchers will present their research results and practitioners will present their corporate practices, followed by interactive discussions with the participants.
17:20 Wrap up
Masato Iino (Director, Japan Effectuation Association, Co-Chairman, Scale-Out Inc.)
Toru Asahi (Professor, Waseda University)
17:50 End
*Networking will follow . (~ around 18:30)
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