High School Entrepreneurship Symposium (March 17)

In this symposium, we will invite practitioners and experts involved in entrepreneurship education and people who have been active as entrepreneurs from a young age as speakers to share and discuss their thoughts on helping high school students acquire entrepreneurship skills. Not only high school and college students, but also parents, teachers, and university faculty and staff are welcome to attend.
The second part of the workshop will be a group work presentation for high school students to learn “Design Thinking,” which was developed at Stanford University. Junior high school students are also welcome to participate.
High school students who would like to try something new and those interested in entrepreneurship education are cordially invited to attend.
✔︎ Date: Friday, March 17, 2023 9:00-14:10
✔︎ Location: SHIBUYA QWS Scramble Hall, Shibuya Scramble Square 15th Floor
✔︎ Capacity: Part I: 100 persons / Part II: 100 persons (48 persons for the workshop)
✔︎ Target: Part I Lecture and Panel Discussion: Middle and high school students, middle and high school teachers, parents of middle and high school students, university faculty and staff, university students, graduate students, entrepreneurs, etc. / Part II Workshop: High school students (some junior high school students)
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