GTIE Entre Education Symposium

Entrepreneurship education activities, one of the four pillars of GTIE, are
(1) Expanding the base of entrepreneurial human resources from junior high and high school students to university faculty members
(2) Developing global start-up human resources capable of creating new industries
Universities, companies, and local governments in the Tokyo metropolitan area are cooperating to promote the following three activities.
In this symposium, we will
1. the results obtained from the GTIE educational program by the participants themselves and their requests to companies and local governments in the future
(2) companies, local governments, VCs, and accelerators will report their comments and suggestions for specific support and cooperation to the presenting teams from the perspective of the market side.
The presenting teams will report on the results of their work and their requests for future support and cooperation from the perspective of the market side, and discuss how they can be linked to the next year’s activities.
[Date ] March 22, 2023 12:30-18:00
[Location ]Ito Hall, The University of Tokyo ( )
[Method ] Hybrid on-site and online sessions (presenters will be on-site in principle)
[Program ]
Part 1: Presentations and requests from Entrepreneurship Education students (0:30pm-2:00pm @ Hall)
Part 2: Recommendations for support and cooperation from various organizations and comments (2:15pm – 4:30pm @ Hall)
Part 3: Networking to align collaborative activities (4:40pm-6:00pm @ Multipurpose Space)
[Who ]Those interested in entrepreneurship education and startup ecosystem formation (free of charge).
[How to apply ] Please pre-register at the following URL.*edit_requested=true
[Application deadline ] March 16, 2023
[Organizer and Inquiries ]GTIE Secretariat, Industry-Academia Collaboration Division, The University of Tokyo E-mail:
[Application Flyer ] GTIE Entrepreneurship Education Symposium Flyer