Information Meeting on the University of Tokyo GTIE Program

The University of Tokyo will hold information sessions on the University of Tokyo GTIE Program for the R5 academic year on the following dates.
3/10(Fri), 3/17(Fri), 3/24(Fri) 18:00-19:00
The GTIE Entrepreneurship Education Program at Todai consists of four phases, the 1st phase of which is scheduled to start on April 14. Faculty members and graduate students who are interested in entrepreneurship and obtaining GAP funds are welcome to attend the briefing session on the program contents.

Features of the Todai GTIE Program:.
The program consists of four phases, in which business plans are created and verified based on research results, and training in the U.S. will be conducted around February next year. The first phase of the program will lead to the adoption of various GAP funds, etc. by the following means.
The first phase of the program will lead to the adoption by various GAP funds, etc., by teaching the four key points for developing a business from technological seeds (how to utilize technology, customer and paints, solution design, and market compatibility confirmation).
All participants will enhance each other’s skills through discussion.
Individual consultations will also be provided.

[Date & Time ] March 10, 17, 24, 2023 18:00~9:00
[Method ] Online
[Application ] Please pre-register at the following URL.*edit_requested=true
[Application Deadline ] One day before each event date
[Organizer and Contact ] GTIE Office, Industry-Academia Collaboration Division, The University of Tokyo E-mail:
[Application Flyer ]The University of Tokyo Entrepreneurship Education Program Information Session Poster