SBMC Junior Kickoff Event for Middle and High School Students to Think about Business Models

On August 28, 2023, SBMC Junior kick-off event was held at Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus. Thirty students from four schools (Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior & Senior High School, Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior & Senior High School, Yamawaki Gakuen Junior & Senior High School, and Showa Women’s University Junior & Senior High School) gathered to work in groups to come up with new business models.

SBMC Junior is a new “entrepreneurship education program” for junior and senior high school students based on the SBMC (Shibaura Business Model Competition), a business model competition organized by Shibaura Institute of Technology. This program is expected to strengthen cooperation between junior and senior high schools and between junior and senior high schools, and to deepen “inquiry-based education” in junior and senior high schools, with the aim of fostering future entrepreneurial talent.

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