Cross-University x Company Sponsored Entrepreneurship Education Program "Tamachi-Kai Mirai-Juku" Held

As part of the study of land utilization projects at Tokyo Tech’s Tamachi Campus, an entrepreneurship education program will be held for Tokyo Tech students and other university students in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The outline of the program is as follows.
Please see the attached application flyer for details.

[Summary ]
A 3-month program for students to set their own goals, face challenges, and become “people who can set things up”.
Participants will learn from dialogue with entrepreneurs/business owners/experienced founders, and fully utilize the resources of large companies/universities,
Acquire skills and networks to take charge of value creation such as business development/entrepreneurship in the future.

Period: December 2023 – March 2024 (tentative)

Location: Around Tamachi Station *Transportation expenses to be borne by participants

Content: Teams propose solutions to company-driven issues (participants are welcome to bring their own issues/themes)
1) Introduction (half day)
2) Team-based work (about 2.5 months)
Final report and award ceremony (1 day)

Target: University students and above, approx. 10 people * Document screening required

[ Features ]
No experience is required, and students who have not yet taken an Entrepreneurship course are also welcome!
Mentoring by Tokyo Tech graduates who are current CEOs, co-founders, or experienced entrepreneurs!
Mentoring by Tokyo Tech graduates with experience as CEOs, co-founders, and entrepreneurs!
Mentoring by current CEOs, co-founders, and entrepreneurs who graduated from Tokyo Tech! *Not only Tokyo Tech, but also other universities are invited to apply!
The winning team will win the right to participate in a tour of research and incubation facilities, etc. @Okinawa!

[ How to apply ]
Please apply using the following URL application form.
h ttps://

[Contact ]
Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Consortium Preparatory Committee Secretariat ( )
Business hours: 9:00~17:30 (except Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

Tamachi-kai Mirai Juku_ Recruitment Flyer