GTIE Student Training Entrepreneurship Education Program (GTIE-SEP) 2023 Meetup (2nd)

The GTIE Student Training Entrepreneurship Education Program (GTIE-SEP) 2023 Meetup (2nd) was held at INDEST, Tokyo Tech Tamachi Campus on Saturday, November 11, 2023.
Five students from GTIE University, ranging from first-year university students to first-year doctoral students, and Dr. Hirata from the University of Tokyo participated in the event.

The theme of the meetup was “design. The lecturer was Prof. Takashi Adsugatomi of Tama Art University. He is a product design professional who has been in charge of designing Sony products as a product designer and has served as the chairman of the jury for the Good Design Award of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Dr. Takashi Ajitsutomi, Tama Art University

In the first half of the meeting, he gave a lecture on a wide range of themes from various ways of thinking about design itself, such as evaluation that does not depend only on the beauty of the form, the value created by the product, and the stories spun by the product, to specific examples of market-in and product-out. In the second half, each student made a presentation on the “most valuable thing” they found at a 100-yen shop, and everyone, including the lecturer, shared their opinions on the selected thing and the viewpoint from which they chose it. It was a great opportunity for not only the students but also the GTIE staff who participated to gain something from this event.

Student Training Entrepreneurship Education Program (GTIE-SEP) 2023
The GTIE-SEP is an entrepreneurship education program open to students (undergraduate and graduate) from all GTIE participating universities. The program offers three types of training starting in October to students who are interested in entrepreneurship, want to start a business in the future, or want to start a business next year. The goal of the program is to provide a fun and successful experience for everyone who participates in each of the trainings and the monthly meetups to make friends who are interested in entrepreneurship/entrepreneurship.

The next meetup is scheduled for Saturday, December 16, and will be the final review of the Silicon Valley training. If you are interested in attending, please pre-register using this form.
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Details of the event will be sent to program participants separately.

-Program Outline:
(1) On-demand training (in progress – February 2024)
(2) In-country training (practical)
(2) In-country training (practical) Duration: November 2023 ~ February 2024 (4 sessions)
(3) Silicon Valley Training
Application deadline : Monday, November 27, 2012 (12:00 noon)
Number of teams : Up to 2 teams (up to 2 participants per team)
Duration : March 2023 (about 1 week)

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