Tokyo Metropolitan University Incubation Room 2nd Term Tenants Wanted (until 1/31)

We are now accepting applications for two rooms as the second phase tenants of the Incubation Room (TMU Innovation Hub) in Building No. 6 of the Tokyo Metropolitan University Hino Campus.

Prospective tenants are requested to review the following application guidelines and submit the required documents.

In October 2023, Tokyo Metropolitan University opened the “TMU Innovation Hub,” a space for industry-academia-government collaboration, in the new engineering building on the Hino Campus.
This space will be used as a base to support the creation of startups and university-launched startups that utilize the university’s research results, the Research Equipment Sharing Center, and other resources.
Furthermore, we will promote innovation creation and contribute to the promotion of the Tama region by building a startup ecosystem in cooperation with various organizations in the Tama region, including universities, research institutions, local governments, financial institutions, and businesses.
We are now accepting applications for tenants of the “Incubation Room,” which is intended for those who aspire to start a business, research and development venture companies that have just started up, and companies that conduct joint research with Tama University faculty members.
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If you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with more information.