GTIE has been selected for the "Startup Ecosystem Co-Creation Program" of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

The “Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem (GTIE)” was selected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) on January 12, 2024 (Friday) for the “Startup Ecosystem Co-creation Program for the New Industry Creation Fund for University Startups, Supporting the Co-creation of a Platform for a Base City”. The program was adopted on January 12, 2024 (Fri.).
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Under this program, GTIE will promote the following two specific initiatives until FY2027(*) in order to ” nurture university-launched startups that will change the world.
(1) Establishment and operation of a startup creation program
(2) Establish an environment to create a startup ecosystem
*Some GAP funds will be able to continue their support until FY2029.

In the establishment and operation of the startup creation program, the GAP Fund implemented in FY2022 will be expanded in terms of both quality and quantity. The GTIE as a whole will provide research funds to selected research teams to promote research and development by verifying the commercialization of research and development results, as well as to support matching with management personnel.

The program aims to create an environment for the creation of a start-up ecosystem, where human and financial resources circulate around the university’s “knowledge,” and to create an ecosystem that will support the continuous creation of university-launched start-ups and their development in Japan and abroad.

[ Institutions playing a central role in implementing this program ].
Lead institutions (3 institutions):
The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology

SU-creating joint institutions (13 institutions):
University of Tsukuba, Chiba University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanagawa University of Health and Welfare, Yokohama City University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Keio University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Ibaraki University, University of Electro-Communications, Tokai University
*The number of SU creation collaborators may be added at any time in the future.

GTIE is also continuing its activities under the JST’s “Start-up Ecosystem Formation Support Program for New Industry Creation from Universities (START),” and the Entrepreneurship Human Resource Development Program will further expand the existing program to provide seamless services to the stakeholders of this initiative, and to develop a new business model within a platform that can be used by the stakeholders of this initiative. The Entrepreneurship Human Resource Development Program will further expand existing programs, aiming to create a system that can be seamlessly offered to stakeholders of the Initiative and that allows all those who wish to take courses at universities within the platform to take the appropriate program.