GTIE is seeking individuals to support entrepreneurship within the university!

Take on the challenge of a new career available through entrepreneurship support.

This time, at each university participating in GTIE, we will be recruiting researchers who aim to start up within the university, as well as personnel who will support entrepreneurship by identifying research seeds, assisting with commercialization, and providing support for fundraising. This position has the potential to contribute to solving social issues by supporting university startups, as well as to gain new experience in your own career, such as acquiring new knowledge and networks. We look forward to seeing the initiatives of each university and welcomes applications from those who are interested in taking on new challenges to change society.


Recruiting universities (9 universities)
The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chiba University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanagawa University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Shibaura Institute of Technology