Call for applications for the 1st phase of the University of Tokyo GTIE Education Program

We are pleased to announce the 1st phase of the GTIE Education Program at the University of Tokyo. We especially invite faculty members and graduate students who are interested in entrepreneurship and GAP fund acquisition to participate in this program. We also welcome participation from a wide range of collaborating institutions.

Features of the Todai GTIE Program:
Consisting of four phases, the program will create and validate business plans based on research results, and will include training in the U.S. in February next year.
The first phase, which will begin on April 5, will lead to the adoption of various GAP funds, etc. by the following means.
Teaching four key points to develop a business plan from technological seeds
Four themes for converting research results into business value
Theme 1: How to utilize your research results (technology) to solve problems and their advantages
Theme 2: Potential customers and their issues (problems)
Theme 3: Product specifications (products or services) to solve customer issues
Theme 4: The size and growth potential of the market and the products that satisfy those requirements (product specifications, sales methods, prices, and sales with competitive advantages)
All participants will discuss and enhance each other’s work.
Individual consultations will also be provided. 1st Phase Date & Time: 4/5 4/19 5/10 5/24 6/14 18:00-20:00 Online via Zoom
In the 2nd phase on June 29, participants will present their plans and be matched with management personnel.
Researchers (graduate students, faculty members, etc.) from universities and research institutes: No participation fee
Corporate R&D personnel (who need to bring technology that will become a pillar of their business) and business developers (who have business experience): Fee is required.
Please register in advance using the form at the following URL.
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