The 8th Shibaura Business Model Competition Call for Participating Students

-Hosted by: Shibaura Institute of Technology (GTIE Joint Institution)
University students, graduate students, high school students, junior high school students
Faculty, staff, alumni, and others who support the purpose of SBMC
-Outline of the event:
The Shibaura Business Model Competition (SBMC) is a business competition for students.
We are looking for a wide variety of business models, from ideas that identify and solve familiar problems to ideas that utilize technology to create new markets.
-Dates: April to September 2023
-Submission period:
Member registration (individual): May 21 – August 14
Entry (team registration): June 29 – August 14
Deadline for submission of application documents: August 28 (Monday)
Final Stage: Saturday, September 23 (national holiday)
Students of Shibaura Institute of Technology and other schools (including undergraduate, graduate, high school and junior high school students)
Faculty, staff, alumni, and others who agree with the purpose of the SBMC
Individuals or teams (maximum 6 people)
Individuals or teams (maximum 6 people) *Minimum of half of the members and the representative must be students.
-Event details:
h ttps:// sbmc.shibaura-it.ac.jp/