Call for Entrepreneurship Education Teachers: JET (Japanese Effectuation Teachers) - Peer Mentoring Program

Waseda University, in collaboration with a Finnish educational institution (Haaga-Helia University EduExellence), will conduct a training program for educators involved in entrepreneurship education.

The program will incorporate the principles of effectuation* and will consist of three online group training sessions and peer mentoring among participants. Peer mentoring is a widely used method for teacher professional development in Finland. This is a valuable opportunity to improve your own teaching skills while absorbing the know-how developed in Finland, which focuses on entrepreneurship education, and to network with related teachers in Japan. We encourage you to apply.

-Program Structure

 The program consists of group training and peer mentoring among participants. Participants will learn the principles of effectiveness through practice.

 Group training (3 sessions): November 2, 2022, January 19, 2023, and March 7, 2023

  All times are 18:00-20:30 (Japan time) (online)

 (2) Peer mentoring (any time, set up by 2 or 3 participants among themselves, 8 times during the group training) (assumed to be online)

 The facilitators will be led by several experienced facilitators.

 ∙ Presentations by entrepreneurial guest speakers from higher education institutions available.

 Various digital facilitation tools and methods will be used.

 The most important work will be the practice of peer mentoring by two or three self-selected mentors/mentees.


 Teachers in Japan involved in entrepreneurship education. Capacity: 24 participants


 The group training will be conducted in English, but peer mentoring can be conducted in either Japanese or English.

-Details and Application

 Please see the flyer.

  JET-PEER MENTORING PROGRAM for Japanese Effectuation Teachers

-Application Deadline: October 14

 *Please also check out the video linked in the flyer. Japanese subtitles are available.

-Organized by Entrepreneurship Center, Waseda University

Co-organized by GTIE (Greater Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem)

-Cooperated by Haaga-Helia, EduExellence

-Coordinator: Miraiko Shimaoka, Professor, Center for Research Strategy and Deputy Director, Entrepreneurship Section, Waseda University

-For inquiries, please contact

 Entrepreneurship Center, Waseda University



A decision-making theory proposed by Professor Salas Sarasvathy of the University of Virginia, USA, that is found in successful entrepreneurs.

The following five behavioral principles are believed to be present

The Bird in Hand Principle

The Affordable Loss Principle

The Crazy-Quilt Principle

(iv) The Lemonade Principle

(5) Pilot-in-the-Plane Principle

It is widely introduced not only in entrepreneurship education but also in human resource development mainly in Europe and the United States.