Five teams of GTIE participating university startups and GTIE GAP Fund recipients spoke at GTIE x Tokyu Land x Plug and Play - Japan's future as seen by forward-looking university startups!

On July 28, five teams of GTIE participating university startups and GTIE GAP Fund recipients spoke at the “GTIE x Tokyu Land x Plug and Play – Japan’s future as seen by forward-looking university startups -” held at Shibuya Plug and Play Japan!

At the beginning of the event, Professor Masaharu Tsujimoto, President of GTIE, took the stage and introduced the role and efforts of GTIE, which aims to “nurture university startups that change the world”.
Professor Tsujimoto expressed his wish that “the phrase ‘change the world’ means that each individual should face the issues around him or her and make the world a better place by solving those issues.

He added, “In order to form an ecosystem of university-launched startups, it is essential to have not only university personnel and supporters of entrepreneurship, but also the participation of large corporations that lead the industry. This is the first time GTIE is aiming to collaborate with large corporations”. The five speakers then gave presentations on their startups.
The participants listened attentively to the activities of the startups, which are using the technologies they have developed to tackle a wide range of social issues. During the networking time after the pitches, each speaker’s booth was crowded with participants who asked detailed questions and discussed specific technologies and service introductions.

The exchange of opinions through actual products and demonstrations provided a lively opportunity for information sharing that could not be experienced online and could only be possible at the venue.
The event was also attended not only by people involved in university startups and corporate participants, but also by researchers, student entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, media, and other people in various positions supporting startups.

The active interactions and discussions among participants with diverse and different backgrounds around startups truly demonstrated a part of the startup ecosystem. This event was held in cooperation with GTIE partner organizations Tokyu Land Corporation and Plug and Play Japan.
This event itself was an initiative to open up new possibilities, made possible by the collaboration of different industries.

GTIE will continue to develop more diverse activities to build and nurture an ecosystem of university-launched startups!

*Event information:

GTIE Tokyo Tech Office (Nao Hosokawa)