GTIE x JAFCO Startup Consultation Service will be launched!

GTIE will open the “GTIE x JAFCO Entrepreneurship Consultation Service” for researchers and students affiliated with the venture capital JAFCO Group Inc. and the 14 universities participating in GTIE.
Please use this form to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding entrepreneurship.
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As an institution that invests in startups, Venture Capital invests in startups after they are established and also provides consultation services prior to establishment. In addition to investing in startups, venture capitalists are a group of entrepreneurial professionals whose important role is to provide hands-on support for their growth.

This time, researchers and students affiliated with the 14 universities participating in GTIE will have an opportunity to meet with experienced capitalists who are interested in starting a business, turning their own research seeds into a startup, or have specific questions about starting a business. If you have any concerns about your consultation, you may attend the session with a person in charge of industry-university collaboration at your university or a GTIE representative.

*If you are unsure about the content of confidential information, please consult with the person in charge of the Industry-Academia Collaboration Division in advance.

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